January 15, 2010

Dancy looking forward to visit

There are a lot of roads to a career in Division I football and Mount San Antonio Community College Defensive End Paul Dancy seems to have taken most of them. The Walnut, Calif. native has played football at two different community colleges and now, seems to have his life on track and a football scholarship in his sights.

Dancy holds scholarship offers from Colorado State, Iowa State, Kansas, New Mexico, New Mexico State and has also heard from Nevada and Baylor. While it is an impressive list, Dancy said Thursday that it is likely a two-horse race.

"Probably right now Iowa State and then Colorado State for sure," Dancy said when asked about his favorites. "It was Kansas, but they just had a coaching change. There is a change at where their needs are."

Dancy will be in Fort Collins this weekend to take his official visit to Colorado State.

Dancy's 6-foot-4, 250-pound frame contains a body that has run a 4.68 time in the 40-yard dash, can bench press 325 pounds and squat 550. Last season he accounted for 9.5 sacks, 28 tackles for a loss and 65 stops.

"I play defensive end and I sack the quarterback," Dancy said with a laugh. "I am a pass-rusher and speed guy. I have been taught to move my hands very well. I diagnose my hands very quickly."

Scholastically, Dancy holds a 2.4 grade-point average and said he is five classes away from having his Associates degree in Kinesiology and Sports Medicine. Getting to the position of being ready to graduate and continue his football career has been a long journey. Dancy said he didn't play football until his Junior year of high school.

"My circumstances were school really," Dancy said when asked why he attended junior college after high school. "My first two years in high school, I was into other things. Over the course of my junior year I got into football and it kept me out of trouble. I tried, but my grades weren't where they were supposed to. They were dangerously close."

Dancy stated off his college career at El Camino Community College starting every game his freshman year and, he said, being one of the top tacklers for a loss in his conference. However, that was just a one-year stop.

"I was just hanging out with the wrong crowd and got into some fights," Dancy said, pointing out he wasn't currently in any legal trouble. "I don't live in the best neighborhoods. I have friends who have been killed, friends who are in jail. My favorite cousin is in jail for murder. It isn't a real easy place to live.

"I don't even want to stay out here. If USC or UCLA offered me right now. I need to get out of California. A change of scenery as they say," he added.

Both Fort Collins and Ames offer Dancy a new chance to start anew. Dancy said he has an aunt in Denver and a cousin in Colorado Springs. While he is unlikely to see them this weekend, he is looking forward to seeing his recruiting coach, Larry Lewis, as well as the campus itself.

"I hope to see a beautiful place," Dancy said. "I have family in Colorado and I've always wanted to go. I've never had the opportunity and I am stoked. I want to see the beauty of the state, I want to see the facilities, I want to see the campus - just everything."

The relationship Dancy has with Lewis has been the biggest reason he will be in Fort Collins this weekend. Dancy said he gets a call from Lewis every day Lewis can.

He is a cool guy," Dancy said. "He is a jokester. He is always interested in what I am doing and how I am making myself to be a better person. He is a great guy and a big reason why Colorado State is one of the top schools I am looking at. I can trust him."

Dancy said there is a chance he could commit this weekend, but more likely he will bring what he found home to his family before he decides. He also has a visit planned to Ames next week.

"I haven't been to Iowa State yet, but I am real good with Coach (Chris) Ash at Iowa State," Dancy said. "He talks to me on a regular basis too. He showed me things I like about Iowa State. I'll take my trip there on the 21st. I have to go out there and see it for myself. They are the main seed, because they are one of those teams that came from nothing to something. Those coaches know what they are doing and that is top priority for me."

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