December 29, 2009

Exclusive Video: Izzo on Lucas decision

EAST LANSING - On Tuesday afternoon, as Michigan State went practiced for their final game before entering the Big Ten season, one Spartan was missing: Kalin Lucas.

It's not injuries. It's not academic. It's Lucas, and it's leadership.

"He's not here right now and he's not practicing with us because I've just decided that there's some leadership issues on this team that I don't think people are living up to what I need done," Izzo said following Tuesday's practice and Kalin's noticeable absence. "I just told him that he can take off from practice and think about it.

What remains to be seen is the timeline for Lucas' return. Michigan State takes on Texas-Arlington Wednesday night in their final regular-season non-conference game of the year before heading into the Big Ten season.

"What I do tomorrow I have no idea yet," Izzo said when asked about Kalin's return. "But we're not performing and we're not doing the things that we need to do. And if he wants to assume the position of being the best player and this and that, he's got to assume the position of taking some leadership responsibility and I just don't think he's done that, so that's where I'm at with it.

"I didn't ask him to do anything, I told him what he was going to do. He's taking the day off, and maybe more than one day."

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