December 8, 2009

Johnson thrilled to have the Hawks in Miami

As a Miami native, future Hawkeye De'Andre Johnson was thrilled on Sunday when Iowa was selected to play Georgia Tech in the 2010 Orange Bowl. We caught up with the three-star prospect to talk about the Hawkeyes coming to play in his hometown, what his plans are for the game, how his rehab is coming from ACL surgery this fall, plus much more.

Q: What were you thinking this weekend when you heard Iowa was in the Orange Bowl?

JOHNSON: Oh, I was real excited. I'll get to see them come down here, see the coaches and players, and go to the game and everything like that.

Q: Have you already talked to the coaches since Sunday?

JOHNSON: Yeah, they called me last night and told me the good news.

Q: Obviously, it's still about a month away, but what do you have planned when they come down there?

JOHNSON: I haven't heard everything about what I can and cannot do as far as the rules, but I'm going to the game for sure. They can't provide me with tickets, but I'm going to get my own tickets.

Q: What's that like for you since you're going away for college, but now you've got your team coming down there play in front of your family and friends?

JOHNSON: It's real exciting. I felt like it was meant to be. Nobody else from Florida is committed to Iowa and it just so happened they're having their bowl game down here. I just look at it as it was meant to be.

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