November 2, 2009

He said. She said. A win is a win.


.She said::...



The game felt flat from the start. Heck, I was even lackluster, so why should
I be down on the coaches and players.

Really besides settling for field goals instead of touchdowns, the offense
moved the ball fairly well. Sean Canfield was once again on the money,
completing 25-34 passes for 305 yards, that's 74% in case you were wondering.

Yes, redzone production could be improved, but if the offense played with the
fire that propelled them 70 yards in 7 plays to end the game all day, they would
have won big.

The offensive line did a good job of protecting Canfield and has really improved
this season. They only gave up one sack and they protected him long enough to
get the play off.

James and Jacquizz Rodgers were outstanding as ususal. The brothers
accounted for 338 of the Beavers 463 total yards (73%)…and that is with
UCLA keying on them. They are unbelievable.

I would like to see more from Markus Wheaton since I think he could
be a big threat. I'm beginning to feel that this was a wasted year that should
have been spent on the scout team as a redshirt.

The unit earns a B from me this week. It was a better than average performance,
but a few more TD's would have elevated them to an A.



HE SAYS::...

I have to disagree with Angie about Wheaton. Yes, he is only getting in on
a handful of plays. But at least he is getting in. And he is making the most
of it. His 22 yard sideline catch was a thing of beauty and bailed the Beavers
out from deep in their own endzone. He is getting his feet wet and should be
a good one before he is done in Corvallis.

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