November 1, 2009

Look for more Leonard; Stew discusses kicking game

Bill Stewart acknowledged what observant West Virginia fans have known for several games--Reed Williams is not 100 percent and may be unable to carry his own for the remainder of this 6-2, 2-1 season due to injuries. That and some premeditated kicker/punter shuffling made news Sunday when the coach dialed into his teleconference.

"Reed is not an 80-play guy for the rest of year. He will play, he played well for a time when he was in there (in Friday's 30-21 loss at USF). "Anthony Leonard--God bless him--came in for some nice acclaim from our coaching staff. They praised him for some good things. I'd like to have Reed in for eighty or sixty plays. (USF) had 66 plays by the stats. I doubt Reed could do that. Reed will never play every snap, every game."

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