October 28, 2009

A&M win over Tech it's best performance in years

Texas A&M had its largest offensive output in the history of te rivalry against Texas Tech Saturday in the Aggies 52-30 win in Lubbock. The win was a milestone for A&M in number of other ways as it was the first victory for A&M in the series since 2004 and the first in Lubbock since 1993.

However, what was most surprising about the game was A&M's ability to move the ball on the ground to the tune of 321 yards rushing and an average of 5.4 yards per carry. Not only that, it was a group effort as well as both running backs Cyrus Gray and Christine Michael topped 100 yards for the night, and quarterback Jerrod Johnson averaged 7.1 yards per rush. This was a season high for A&M and came just a week after A&M had negative rushing yards in Manahattan against Kansas State.

As usual, the Aggies used a variety of formations in the game ranging from empty sets to an I-formation with backup quarterback/receiver Ryan Tannehill lined up as a fullback. However, the Aggies made most of their yardage on two plays that for the most part were well executed regardless of formation or even down and distance.

The first and most often utilized was a trap or power play out of a one-back set. It's a different concept from the inside zone and outside zone that most teams, including A&M, run where linemen get a hat on a hat of the defender across from them and let the back choose a hole. It's more of a power run with a pulling guard serving as a lead blocker rather than a fullback.

It's a very popular run against nickel defenses because oftentimes there are only six defenders in the box since a linebacker or nickelback must move to the outside and cover a slot.

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