October 15, 2009

Glidden and Farrow Combine Talents

MUSTANG, Okla. - For much of this decade Mustang has become known as one of the state's most high-flying passing attacks but last season the team took a turn towards a more run-heavy attack. With the off-season addition of transfer Daniel Farrow it seemed the Broncos could be more certain than ever that they would try and overpower opponents.

It took Farrow a while to find the field and even longer to find his groove but on Friday night he put up an impressive five touchdowns and 152-yards in Mustang's 62-38 victory over 6A-1 rival Norman North.

While it was on the offensive side of the ball that Farrow earned various player of the week honors he showed that his future may be defending the run rather than scoring touchdowns.

Farrow's physical brand of play at linebacker may not stand up to the size of the college game but there is no denying a very real future at strong safety.

Farrow's brutal running style was aided by a Bronco offensive line led by Sooner commitment Bronson Irwin. Irwin played through the four quarters with a cast on his hand but still managed to move around his opponents and continues to show how much his footwork has improved from his junior season to the midpoint of his senior year.

The success of Mustang's ground game was undoubtedly aided by the Bronco's offense ability to stretch the field. A job that is almost completely filled by explosive junior David Glidden.

While Glidden didn't have his typical big night full of any number of big-yardage plays he did manage a lengthy touchdown catch in which a pass in the flats was turned into a score after a couple of open field moves and out-running the North secondary for a score of roughly 70-yards.

However it wasn't just the Broncos boasting division one talent, Norman North's defense may have had a rough night but due to a long collection of turnovers it's hard to fault them for the brutal scoreboard.

The Timberwolves were led by senior linebacker Nick Canavan who had an interception return for touchdown and a massive number of tackles. He also featured on the offensive side of the ball with several catches and crucial blocks to help North stay in the game until late in the third quarter.

Canavan may be a bit undersized but one player for the Timberwolves who looks to have all the right measurables is junior defensive end Daniel Davis. The 6-foot-2, 215-pound prospect starts at defensive end for North but seems probable to end up at inside linebacker in the college game.

A name to keep an eye on moving forward is Mustang sophomore quarterback Brandon Taylor who subbed in early in the second half and helped kickstart a Mustang offense that sputtered at times in the first two quarters.


Nick Canavan: Canavan is a physical linebacker who loves to lower the boom on anyone he can but for someone who has clearly spent a lot of time in the weight room he still moves well and always shows a good nose for the ball. The big linebacker is a bit stiff at times and is a bit undersized but is clearly a division one prospect for the right team.

Daniel Davis: Davis had some tough going through the game while battling up with Irwin but even Irwin admitted his quickness was something to contend with and clearly Davis is playing out of position and it left him a bit overmatched physically.

Daniel Farrow: Farrow is a north and south runner and isn't afraid to run over anything in his way. The same principle applies to the way he plays defense when one back after another incurred his wrath when crossing the line of scrimmage. He isn't the fastest player in the state but his physicality and frame more than make up for any athletic shortcomings.

David Glidden: Usually as a guy gets more attention it becomes easier to pick apart all the flaws but for Glidden there has been only one flaw since the moment he stepped on the scene, size. His big play ability is brought about by great speed and open-field moves but the thing that is the most surprising is his toughness. Glidden doesn't shy from contact like so many players of his stature.

Bronson Irwin: Irwin just gets better and better with time. Facing competition like Davis is something that Irwin admits he really enjoys and during the game it showed. Even if he had an injury during the game he excelled throughout with great overall strength and the ability to slide to his left and head Davis off.

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