October 11, 2009

Wommack post game Q&A

Georgia Tech defensive coordinator Dave Wommack had one of the long nights in his long coaching career in Doak Campbell Stadium Saturday night. After watching his defense surrender 400 yards and 35 points in the first half against Florida State, Wommack's crew rebounded and defeated the Seminoles 49-44. Jacketsonline caught up with Wommack after the game to talk about the changes they made at the half to slow down Florida State.

What did you do in the second half to adjust to Florida State's attack?

"We went to some dime package where we had five defensive backs in the game. We also slammed the front to get more pressure on Ponder with a five-man front out of a 3-4. We played straight man behind it. We did not practice that this week, but we put it in at halftime and did better."

Did moving Derrick Morgan around get more pressure in the second half as well?

"I thought the quarterback for them was unbelievable. He made some throws and catches that were unbelievable. I give coach Bowden and their staff credit for that. They did a tremendous job in the first half."

How much did the controversy and the fired up fan base and team impact FSU's performance in that first half?

"I think it is tough and it has been said that Georgia Tech has never won here before and we can say we won. We went and battled for it. It was very difficult in the first half and the offense did a tremendous job again scoring the with ball on almost every possession. I know Florida State did that in the first half whenever they had it. There were some long faces at halftime, but I give some credit to our entire team, offense, defense and kicking for finding a way to battle back and win."

How nice was it to see someone like Osahon Tongo make a big play with the sack and forced fumble?

"We got some guys who we were not really expecting to play when the season started having to step up because of injuries here and there and they have. The most amazing thing is the kids found a way to do it and get it done. It was not pretty on defense for sure, but they found a way to win."

Is that the building block from this game?

"It needs to be. It has been such a difficult first half of the season and now we have a powerhouse team that is the best team in the league coming in next weekend. We will try to enjoy this one and start on them Sunday."

How much of a baptism was that for Izaan Cross tonight?

"I think it was big. Losing the two ends has really hurt us and that is one of the reasons we had to go into some 3-4 stuff. We decided to do that on Sunday because we were worried if we got one more guy hurt, we might have to play a defensive back at end. It is one of those situations where kids are battling and thank God our offense can move the ball like they move it."

Is that why you went with the three down linemen?

"We were trying to get to the point where we had three down linemen because we are thin. I was really wanting to play 20 snaps of it, but when we went in at halftime we put a slant 3-4 in and played straight man behind it at times and we played a two-coverage at times and bringing five guys in. It helped us an awful lot. We made some changes with things we had in the inventory of defense. We felt like we had to get more pressure on them and the four-man rush was not helping us very much. We brought a few fives at times with man behind it, but he was making throws and catches and we were getting beat left and right on it. We had to make some changes. We tried to do it in the middle of the second quarter, but I said let us get in at halftime and we will go over it position by position."

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