April 14, 2006

Cassidy: Working hard for the future

Lincoln Southwest did lose some outstanding players from graduation, but don't overlook them this fall, as they will be loaded again. They should be contending for the state title. The quarterback slot will be a big part of determining how the season goes and Austin Cassidy will be holding down that key position. If the QB is successful, the team follows right along.

Two ingredients for a successful quarterback is having the 'smarts' and the technical skills. He is taking the necessary steps to becoming skillful at his position. His ability to absorb knowledge and the discipline to do it can be shown by what he has done in the classroom. By taking honor classes, he is maintaining a 4.25 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. He scored a solid 25 on his first attempt at the ACT test. He will be scoring at least a 30 by taking it again this summer. He has aspirations on being an orthopedic surgeon after college.

Up until he broke his collarbone, he played under center last season. He felt he was getting the job done to that point.

"Probably just quarterback, I don't think my coaches are going to let me play on defense," he said, referring to possibly playing safety this fall.

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