October 17, 2011

Syracuse impresses Noel

Syracuse hoops still have a couple scholarships to give away in 2012, but they already have an eye on a couple 2013 prospects. This weekend at Midnight Madness Goodluck Okonboh and Nerlens Noel were two big names in attendance. CuseConfidential.com caught up with Noel when he arrived back home.

"I think Syracuse is a good program, I enjoyed the trip up there this past weekend. I had a chance to hang around with the coaches and get better acquainted with them.

"It was a really good visit and I got a really good impression of Syracuse. That was not my first time being up there, so I know how the environment is. When I went up there it was good to see everything and getting love from the fans. It was a good experience."

Even though he has seen The Dome rocking the Orange fans still stood out to him and left a good impression.

"The crowd was real good for it just being Midnight Madness. I was at one game before and that was real crazy, so I know how it can get. It was just real good to see that they have loyal fans that come out no matter what the event is."

On Friday night there was another person that he enjoyed seeing like all of the Syracuse fans.

"My favorite part of the trip was when Carmelo came out and seeing all of the fans go crazy and call his name."

Carmelo Anthony was not the only current NBA player at Syracuse this weekend. The other ones that were there also showed a lot to Noel.

"It was real good meeting the former players and knowing that they came back for an event like this. It shows that they have a good tradition and it is just good to know that all of the pros still come back and play."

Did any of the former Orange players try to help recruit the big time prospect?

"Not really, well they did a little, but they just told me that I need to do what is best for me."

When the fun of Midnight Madness was over it was time to get back to business and talk with the coaches. Noel liked what Jim Boeheim and Mike Hopkins had to say.

"I just like how upfront the coaching staff is and they are really honest. They told me that they wanted me to be in their system," Noel stated. "My relationship right now with Coach Hopkins and Coach Boeheim is good. I think we have a real good relationship, it is good."

Now that he has left Syracuse there are a couple items that he thinks about when he thinks about the Orange.

"When I think about Syracuse I just think of Orange everywhere. I also think about how it is a school with great tradition, like in 2003 with Carmelo Anthony when they won the title.

"I think I would be able to help them especially on the defensive end, just anchoring their defense."

With this past visit under his belt he does not have any other visits set up at this time.

"I do not have any other visits set up. I am just going to focus on school."

Despite not having any visits scheduled does Noel have any favorites at this time?

"I don't have any favorites right now."

Of course with no visits or favorites right now there is no timetable for a decision.

"I have not thought about a time for a decision I am just going to take my time. When the time feels right I will make that decision."

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